The Growing Connection in South Africa

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In partnership with Operation Lionheart and the Open Society Institute, TGC is currently developing several EarthBox vegetable gardens in South Africa. So far, in addition to a large demonstration and research garden, there are four EarthBox vegetable gardens with over 500 EarthBoxes in the country. Thanks to the ongoing support from Operation Lionheart each site receives horticultural training and they are already starting to make real progress.

For example, the Mother of Peace orphanage in Johannesburg (above) has a garden with 1000 EarthBoxes and in only six weeks after planting they have been able to harvest vegetables such as spinach and zucchini twice. The progress these gardens in South Africa have made in a very short amount of time is very exciting and you can continue to follow their progress through this blog!


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